M is for Movies

I love going to the movies but very few movies are worth the $13 ticket price. So I was thrilled to learn about Woodbridge Movies 5  dollar theaters. Movies are $2 on most days and $1 on Tuesdays. They show movies that have been out for a month or two. They always have  a couple kids movies showing so it’s a great family activity. It’s also a great cheap date**. They also have $1 hot dogs and the popcorn and other movie snacks are pretty cheap, too. They don’t have stadium seating or anything state-of-the-art but the theaters are clean and comfortable.

You can purchase tickets  online here.

Woodbridge Movies 5
4626 Barranca Pkwy
Irvine, CA 92604

**We’re in a recession so I’ll share my  friend Eric’s idea for the “cheapest date in the world” — go get free samples at Costco and then go to a dollar movie. He used to take his fiancee on these dates all the time and she married him anyway. Maybe it showed he was fiscally responsible?

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1 Response to M is for Movies

  1. My friends and I used to go here when we didn’t feel like spending. I love the indie theater next to the UCI campus but I wish this place was there instead… so we didn’t have to use up any gas. =P

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